Saturday, October 10, 2009

A work in progress update

Hello everyone. I have decided to do a kind of series of my secret project I am working on. I will be putting a few pictures and be writing about my crochet project I am doing. I hope you all enjoy my blog and the things I will be trying to come up with to get more interesting . I was not going to post this at first just by chance my (FRIEND) may come across it and see what I have been working on but.... I am kind of excited about my project so I am going to anyways.

I call it my secret project because every time she asks what I am doing I tell her crocheting and of course she asks what are you crocheting. I have been telling her I am crocheting a frog. OH HA HA. Well so of course I told a fib.

Today she was supposed to be bringing my nephews over for a visit and I was trying to hide the secret project and had to dig out this earlier work I had been working on for my sister in law . What was the earlier work you ask?..... well NO OTHER THAN A FROG COASTER!!!! OH MY . Well to make a long story short she didn't end up coming over and emailed me so I was kind of disappointed but also relieved at same time .

Well this evening I happen to come across the rest of the things I needed to fully complete my WIP and am so excited to show you all a little at a time until finally I can have a WONDERFUL FINALE and present you with the fully completed project.

I am hoping to see a little more traffic come to my lonely little blog if I can just come up with some interesting ideas and get peoples attention. I greatly appreciate everyone who has come to my blog and left me comments,and are also following me.

I hope to see everyone watching in the next few days or so as I get my WIP posts going and I hope you all enjoy following me. I would love any comments as I go along .Thank You for you patience and hopefully excitement as I unveil my TREASURE in the end .


  1. Hun, your blog is getting better every time i read! I love your WIP idea and would love to see you continue with it for other projects as well! I remember that frog! lol!

  2. Hey! I'll be reading along waiting to see your progress. I'm sure it will end up beautiful.
    It's slow going building up a following, but one thing you can do is comment on other people's blogs. It makes them curious about you & they come check you out. I'm a lurker myself but I try to comment on at least a couple of blogs every day! Good luck, and keep on doing a great job & you'll build up a following in no time!


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