Thursday, November 26, 2009


HELLO!! I just found this fabulous idea and would like to share it with everyone . I am thinking this would be just a really nice gift idea or just a cute idea for any occasion in general . I have a few pie lovers in my family and I am excited to try and make these . Thank you for looking and hope it works out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GREAT giveaway

Please stop by and check out this giveaway. Very pretty fabrics and such.

It only took him 3 years

YAY!! I have been walking on a wood floor now for the last 3 years in my kitchen. It was awful to try and keep swept and couldnt get it clean because it was walked on and stuff was spilled on it due to us not ever getting any tile or linoleum put down after replacing floor. I kept telling myself my hubby will do it someday. I was beginning to think it would NEVER get done and just gave up.

Well to my surprise a few weeks ago my hubby had an idea of putting in ceramic tile with floating wood floor in center of kitchen. I once again thought okay this will take forever in a day to get done . I have been in the process of packing things away in hopes of moving in the springtime to a new place so my house was in disarray any ways. I got up one morning after my hubby had gathered up all this tile that had been given to us and he says Honey can you clean out all this stuff from kitchen and I will start laying tile? So I spent a few days cleaning out and emptying my whole kitchen into my small living room.

I was skeptical once again at how quickly this would get done once again because I have a Loving hubby who works all day long but when he has a good idea to do stuff it just somehow never seems to get done and if it does I am left to clean up after him. He tries to do lots of things but just like children often do I am usually left with a big old mess to clean up when he is through doing his GOOD DEED.

So anyways I went about cleaning and reading out as much stuff as I could and crammed stuff in every room possible over the last few weeks basically hiding as much of my accumulated stuff as I could anywhere I found space ha ha. It took everything I had to get this part done . I kept shuffling stuff around now for the last 3 weeks since he started the first tile laying down. I thought ok he has half of this done and it is going to be like this forever now!!

Well I waited and kept cleaning as much as i could every chance I got so he didnt have to say I cant finish with all this stuff laying around piled up here. It took a while but today of all days he came home from work early and said Honey I am Gonna finish this floor tonight. I once again removed everything from my kitchen and swept with broom and dustpan so tediously then went over it again with sweeper to remove all dirt and things.

Now for something that has taken so long to get finished let me tell you he started the second half of kitchen today and not only did he get all of the tile laid and grouted in with the floating wooden floor in center but........ he has also gotten in sealed with the tile sealant and is basically done !!!! I have waited and killed myself for weeks now trying to get him to get this floor done and he has not done it but in one day has completely finished the whole complete kitchen floor and sealed it!!!!

What took him about 3 years to do should have been 3 days worth of work if he had just gone and done it!!!! I think it took 3 years of my energy to do all the before cleaning and after cleaning but IT IS DONE, and I AM LOVING IT!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Bundle adopted today!!

Today was a big day for little baby bundle in frogs and duckies. Today he was adopted from his little bed at Bonanzle by a loving new family. Oh happy day . Thank you for looking and if ya get the chance head on over and check out the other little bundles of joy that are waiting to be adopted as well. There are also more babies needing homes that have not yet been added we have 3 girls and a preemie yellow tweety as well. LOL Thank You .

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Good , The bad, And the Ugly.

Hello friends. Two months ago my husbands son came to live with us permanently for the first time . He had always lived with his mother and just came to visit for the weekends and in summer when he wanted for a few days or a week. It was such a happy moment for my husband and we thought everything was going great. My son and daughter were so happy to have him living here finally and we got him all signed up for the new school and took care of all the switching of things around and I was happy to have him here all the time now.We all thought everything was going just fine and everyone was happy together.

This week started out so nice. I felt half way good and was trying to get some things done in between running kids to appointments and doing a bunch of sewing projects and other craft things. I had plans to go to a craft show on saturday and sell some rice therapy pillows, baby bundles,and some really cute tiny cork boards I had designed. I had worked all week on stuff and was so excited to be able to maybe sell a few things and see all the other exciting things people had there to sell as well.

Wednesday night came along and my stepson had asked to go have dinner with his mom and nana and we said sure go have fun . He returned later that night and was kinda acting funny and went to his room. I asked if something wrong and so did dad he said no he was ok.

Thursday morning kids all got up and getting ready for school Hubby got ready for work along with them and making conversation to stepson saw picture of his van he drew he said "you taking picture to school?'' he said NO it is a note for you I cant tell you face to face, Hubby said , "you want to go back to live with your mom dont you?" without even reading it yet. Yes he did.
So thinking it would be the weekend when we would be moving him back in with his mom and everyone being heartbroken and upset we said ok. We went about our day and after about 2 hours we got a phone call from him at school saying he decided that instead of the weekend it was going to be that day and mom was already signing him out of school and picking him up. So he was signed out and picked up then came and retrieved his bookbag with clothes and left.

Friday morning the kids went to school and hubby went to work as usual. I thought well today I am gonna start cleaning out sons room for when he comes to get things and started to do some packing. Next thing I know the phone rings. I answer and who should be on the other end but the school principal! I have some bad news for you Mrs. Rice, I have to suspend your son for a few days because he was caught with tobacco in his lip today at school. So I had to go get my oldest son from school on Friday .

In the meantime my son proceeds to tell me OH by the way mom, You need to take me to hospital too because I was angry at myself for getting busted and punched a wall now I think I re-broke my hand . I took him to hospital and got him fixed up and reminded him how He really needs to quit being a jackass and doing this stuff.This is the 3 time he has broken his hand in the last 2 years from same thing, and last year he also kicked a locker and broke his toe for same reason. I have to go Monday with him to get his fine payment plan and figure out now how he is going to pay probably a 169.00 dollar fine!

Saturday was kind of a blah day I was up all night trying to finish up my stuff for the craft show the night before and was so tired that I said forget it and didnt end up going cause wasnt feeling good so slept most afternoon.

Sunday my hubby and oldest son get up and decide to clean up some stuff outside and then go help a friend of ours cut up some firewood. I stayed at home and had to run some errands. I was gone maybe an hour and came home to 5 messages on answering machine which 2 of them were letting me know I needed to get to the Hospital cause my hubby had cut his leg with the chainsaw!!! I hurried to get to the hospital to find my husband and when I get there he is in the middle of getting his wound irrigated and cleaned. e ended up with 3 stitches on the inside and 10 on the outside It was a doozy.He had hit the top end of his left knee with the bottom of the saw.

He had shut off the saw and thought when it hit him it was just the catcher teeth . Then as he took a few steps he realized something did not feel right and noticed his jeans were red as his friend and my son came running over yelling what did you do?? He said I thought it was off and I just hit my leg with the catch teeth when it hurt a little but I guess I was wrong. I said to myself after this I am so glad this week is over with because if one more thing had gone wrong I was going to scream. So now I am just hoping our bad luck is done with and we can start over with a good one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Come join the fun Prizes to be given

OK Today i was looking through some of my blog friends and I found this wonderful thing called pay it forward. I came across this in .The original credit was given to and that is where proverbs 31 got the idea from as well.

I have decided to do the same thing and would like to send out a HOMEMADE ITEM TO THE FIRST 5 people who leave me a comment. The only RULE is that you must comment with link to your post on myspace, facebook, etc. where ever you are posting.I hope to get 5 responses and wish all the best in paying it forward because this is a very good idea .

I will tell you that I am a very talented and crafty person with lots of ideas so you may be surprised at what you will receive from me when it comes. I cannot give exact time frame as to when gifts will arrive but I will get them there in a reasonable time due to talent and homemade stuff takes time due to nature of items being made for YOU and only YOU.

I also in return would love to hear back from those who get a gift from me just to know your reaction as well.I appreciate everyone who tries this out and GOOD LUCK to all.

I also hope you check out other sites i have mentioned earlier so that credit may be given to where it goes.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Wow! Today I received a letter in the mail and needed to go to post office. I had to run a few errands so I gladly went . I was so excited to see what I had gotten . I won this from a blog giveaway a little back called
This was such a treat for me to open and as I emptied the package I was like a child in a candy store.

In the package I took inventory just to let everyone know what was included in this fabulous prize I had won. I have horrible luck taking pictures and this does absolutely NO justice to the pretty things that were in the package I received . In the package was included the following items------

A beautiful box of 70 tiny flowers in pretty colors
12 petite signage self adhesive labels with words on them
4 spring clips
3 twill clips
3 big pretty decorative flowers
a small cute metal frame
3 package tags with words on them
2 jelly stick on accents
2 packs of color oasis clear overlays one in pink and one in blue
1 flip-flop folio kit
3 packs of fun tab stickers
1 alphabet stickers sheet in red and white
3 sets of chip board designs
1 pack of whoop de doo colored chip boards
3 packs of gorgeous rub ons
1 beautiful pack of snowflake stickers
1 pack of black and white letters stickers


I am trying to decide on all of the great things I can do with this now . I would like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to for having such a wonderful prize giveaway. I was so glad to win this as it was my first win off of these and is a great one.I hope you enjoy looking and thanks for stopping.

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