Friday, October 30, 2009

NEW BABY Arrived

Izabella Grace-Anne Klemm was born on October 26,2009 at 9:40pm She weighed 7lbs 6 ounces and was 19 inches long!! She is home and doing very well!!! :)

WOW!! My niece is here now I am in a furious rush to get this secret project done cause she has arrived and I want her to enjoy it. In case any newcomers are reading this I have had a secret Work In Progress for a while now and it is almost finished completely .

I need to get a few more pictures posted of it and then the Finale will be getting a photo of Izabella with her secret gift and also her hankie bonnet and Baby Bundle I made just for her. I hope you all come back to see when I have it all posted and I really am excited to get it finished and actually show it all off together.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and hope ya come back again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

7gypsies giveaway at BlueMoon Scrapbooking

WOW Look at BlueMoon Scrapbooking . Each day will bring a different giveaway .

To enter you'll need to go to your Facebook, Twitter, forum,club or your blog and post about the contest then go back and leave a message that you posted and tell them where.
This contest ends Tuesday 10/27 - gives you a few days to post about 7gypsies week.

Good Luck!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

WIP Pictures so far

My secret project continued

Hello friends. Thank you for stopping and taking the time .

I have had a few things going on recently and need to tell you my secret project has been revamped. I had a few problems with the first one so I decided to rip it all out and re start it. It all started when my naughty kittens got into stuff and trashed my cream color yarn. I thought I would just continue with the project as planned but then i ran into some serious deformities as I went along and it was beginning to go crooked .

I decided to tear it apart and start all over with a completely different style and I must say I am glad I did . I feel so much happier with this attempt than I did with the last . I am sad that it started out so nice and went so horribly wrong but I guess it was for the best.

I decided that after the first attempt I liked the colors and have also added a few more to the project . I wanted to have a pretty girl blanket with some fun accessories added for baby to be kept busy .

I came accross a pattern for some really cute crochet flowers and butterflies so i have made a few in cute variegated colors to add to the blanket. I have made sure that they are secure so as not to come off while baby is playing with them.

I am extremely happy with the design I have come up with even if it isn't perfect I am making this up as I go so it is ok. I will continue on and add more pictures too as I get more done and also a final picture when it is completely finished.

I am waiting patiently also to hear when the baby comes because I would LOVE to get a picture later of the baby with her new blanket and also her hankie bonnet I have made. I may even be able to include her baby bundle I made for the baby shower and show them all in one picture.

Well now that I have given an update as to what is new I will also post a new picture shortly for the new and improved WIP.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

WINNER of Foldtuk Kitchenware

WOW! I was checking my email this morning and this is what I saw ....

Hi Amanda,
You are the winner of the Foldtuk Kitchenware on Congratulations! Please email me back within 48 hours and I'll set you up with the sponsor. Thanks so much for entering.

Lee :)

You should check out the site and see this new product it is something. I won a 6 cup bowl of my choice from the giveaway and I am excited to see how it looks and how well it works when i get it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WIN a fat bundle at Pumpkin Patch Primitives ENDS 10/31

Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe is having a fabulous giveaway on her blog!

One person will win A Fat Quarter Bundle of Red Rooster's Pumpkins & Spice Fabrics by Whimsicals! (27 fat quarters!!)

Remember, to enter you must POST an entry on your blog with a link to the giveaway.

If 250 posts then another winner is added and if there are 350 entries then a $100 gift certificate to Pumpkin Patch Primitives will be added to the prizes! WOO HOO 3 winners . If you enter please make sure you tell em I sent ya and the same to those you refer.

Giveaway ends on Halloween! (Oct 31st) so GO POST and GOOD LUCK. Thanks to Henrietta she sent me.


Cheaper Than Therapy

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well I have been kind of busy working on my project still and as promised I am now posting a picture of my naughty little kittens who decided to get a little nosy and get into moms work basket. I have had to keep my stuff locked up in a bin lately now when I am not around or working on my crocheting because they seem to think it is a playground for them .

I have caught them three times now since in my stuff when I am not looking or go to do something else . I just dont know what to do with these bad little guys they seem to think everything is for them to play with and will try to steal anything they can get there paws on too.

I was using my tiny scissors the other day and thought I had misplaced them or fell into side of couch only to later on hear a sound in kitchen and what do I find but my kittens dragging my scissors around on floor. I should have known better putting my yarn needle and some safety pins on handle because my little kittens are like raccoons they are drawn to shiny objects. I have to be very careful even while I am sleeping as I have been awakened in the middle of the night by my one kitten trying to steal off in the night with my necklace while it is around my neck.

I have been also awakened by them trying to remove my earrings while I slept. I told my hubby that they have got to be part raccoon . They steal stuff ll the time from the kids as well .I am on a constant hunt for things that mysteriously just come up missing all the time. I just have to laugh and search the whole house for stuff and tell the kids to watch where they leave stuff or it will disappear.

I almost feel like we have a baby in the house again the way we have to hide stuff and make sure nothing is left out. We just constantly have a treasure hunt around here though kind of makes life more interesting .

I guess that is what I get for not paying more attention to them cause while your hunting for what they have stolen they are following you around at your feet almost tripping you with every step and if your not careful enough they will end up stealing something else as your back is turned.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is how my project looks today. I seem to have run into a problem with the remainder of my cream for this however due to the fact that my naughty fur babies have decided to climb into my bag and work basket and shredded the remainder I needed to finish the strip. I have a backup plan however that I hope will turn out just fine. NAUGHTY KITTENS will get no mittens now!! ha ha

Well at least they didn't ruin the blanket, only a ball of yarn. I quickly scolded them when I found what they had done then came up with another way to finish the project. I had a couple of ideas to begin with in my head so after this little mishap i was glad . I am already in the process of fixing now and have also gone ahead a little bit and currently have some other fun ideas that go on this that I will be adding as I go.

I scoured the internet for some cute little ideas and ran them across my cousin and she loved the idea . I am so excited to see how this whole thing turns out I just want to SMILE because it makes me all warm inside thinking about how this small gift when done is going to make someone else happy. I will be showing you all a picture soon too of my naughty little fur babies who have made this little bump in the road for me. I will continue on though as I had planned from the beginning just kind of winging this anyways because I am making this all up as I go anyways .

I am happy that some of my followers have enjoyed my new post and idea and Thank You for your wonderful comments so far. I have not been feeling myself for a while now and I have had a few days now where I have actually felt a little better so this is why I have decided to make the best of my GOOD DAYS. I am going to push on and hopefully this project may help me feel better as well. ALL RIGHTY NOW........ I must be getting back to my WIP so that I may have something to show you tomorrow and so on til it is finished.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A work in progress update

Hello everyone. I have decided to do a kind of series of my secret project I am working on. I will be putting a few pictures and be writing about my crochet project I am doing. I hope you all enjoy my blog and the things I will be trying to come up with to get more interesting . I was not going to post this at first just by chance my (FRIEND) may come across it and see what I have been working on but.... I am kind of excited about my project so I am going to anyways.

I call it my secret project because every time she asks what I am doing I tell her crocheting and of course she asks what are you crocheting. I have been telling her I am crocheting a frog. OH HA HA. Well so of course I told a fib.

Today she was supposed to be bringing my nephews over for a visit and I was trying to hide the secret project and had to dig out this earlier work I had been working on for my sister in law . What was the earlier work you ask?..... well NO OTHER THAN A FROG COASTER!!!! OH MY . Well to make a long story short she didn't end up coming over and emailed me so I was kind of disappointed but also relieved at same time .

Well this evening I happen to come across the rest of the things I needed to fully complete my WIP and am so excited to show you all a little at a time until finally I can have a WONDERFUL FINALE and present you with the fully completed project.

I am hoping to see a little more traffic come to my lonely little blog if I can just come up with some interesting ideas and get peoples attention. I greatly appreciate everyone who has come to my blog and left me comments,and are also following me.

I hope to see everyone watching in the next few days or so as I get my WIP posts going and I hope you all enjoy following me. I would love any comments as I go along .Thank You for you patience and hopefully excitement as I unveil my TREASURE in the end .

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A work in progress

OK I decided to show a picture of something I am working on for a friend of mine right now. Please be kind if you look and leave a comment I am kind of making this pattern up on my own and think it is looking pretty good so far.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crafty me

Hello everyone. this past week has been just full of stuff for me. I went to my friends baby shower on saturday and I made her one of my Baby Bundles for her gift she loved it. I have been kind of busy trying to get myself feeling better and trying to get a few items together for some projects I am starting on . I will be doing a few crochet projects as I am in the process of doing but I cant post my work in progress due to it is a secret gift for a new arrival coming soon to my family.

I also have been getting a few good ideas for my Pay It Forward gifts that I will be working on as well. I have a couple things going on in my house and will be trying to get them all done in a timely manner. I seem to do this all the time have a few projects all going on at the same time or nothing at all no in between . I would like to see a few more people if possible get on my PAY IT FORWARD list if possible I so far only have 1.

I have a project or 2 going on with slate painting right now as well as some crochet projects,my baby bundles and I also have a few therapy rice packs coming along as well so you could say I am multitasking everyday I possibly can as of right now.

Friday, October 2, 2009


GOOD AFTERNOON! I was feeling a little better today and thought I wanted to share some love of family and a little humor as well. I made up this little collage of some pictures I had and would like to tell you about them . The first one is myself and my hubby on our wedding day 4 years ago. We were going for the whole redneck nascar theme and even had a Bobby Labonte race car cake.

The next picture is referred to as "PIMP DADDY DAVE" We were at a family reunion and the theme was crazy hat so my hubby decided to borrow one from a cousin and put it on. My cousin and everyone thought it was so funny and she even tried to sell it on ebay, not sure if actually did or not.

The next one is a photo of my 3 nephews arent they just sweet looking.

The following one is of my 3 children (the 3 oldest ones) and my 5 nephews we had taken at a friends studio. The last as you know is of myself on a good day. I hope you find the one of my hubby as humorous as the rest of us had and enjoyed looking . I know i like to look at different types of things people put on there blogs as well so this was just a spur of moment gesture.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's My Birthday

I just wanted to say hello once again and at least let everyone know that today is my birthday. I have had kind of an off week . I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and have been doing my best to try and get this blog and a few other things in gear . I am in the process of finding a few things to do crafty and such .

I am so excited to see if I actually get any responses to my pay it forward blog because I have so many neat ideas for gifts to those that join in on my posts. I am also very excited to see what I will receive from the pay it forward blog i accepted from.

I would like to add a HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to everyone else i share this day with too.

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