Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crafty me

Hello everyone. this past week has been just full of stuff for me. I went to my friends baby shower on saturday and I made her one of my Baby Bundles for her gift she loved it. I have been kind of busy trying to get myself feeling better and trying to get a few items together for some projects I am starting on . I will be doing a few crochet projects as I am in the process of doing but I cant post my work in progress due to it is a secret gift for a new arrival coming soon to my family.

I also have been getting a few good ideas for my Pay It Forward gifts that I will be working on as well. I have a couple things going on in my house and will be trying to get them all done in a timely manner. I seem to do this all the time have a few projects all going on at the same time or nothing at all no in between . I would like to see a few more people if possible get on my PAY IT FORWARD list if possible I so far only have 1.

I have a project or 2 going on with slate painting right now as well as some crochet projects,my baby bundles and I also have a few therapy rice packs coming along as well so you could say I am multitasking everyday I possibly can as of right now.

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