Friday, October 2, 2009


GOOD AFTERNOON! I was feeling a little better today and thought I wanted to share some love of family and a little humor as well. I made up this little collage of some pictures I had and would like to tell you about them . The first one is myself and my hubby on our wedding day 4 years ago. We were going for the whole redneck nascar theme and even had a Bobby Labonte race car cake.

The next picture is referred to as "PIMP DADDY DAVE" We were at a family reunion and the theme was crazy hat so my hubby decided to borrow one from a cousin and put it on. My cousin and everyone thought it was so funny and she even tried to sell it on ebay, not sure if actually did or not.

The next one is a photo of my 3 nephews arent they just sweet looking.

The following one is of my 3 children (the 3 oldest ones) and my 5 nephews we had taken at a friends studio. The last as you know is of myself on a good day. I hope you find the one of my hubby as humorous as the rest of us had and enjoyed looking . I know i like to look at different types of things people put on there blogs as well so this was just a spur of moment gesture.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping.

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