Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well I have been kind of busy working on my project still and as promised I am now posting a picture of my naughty little kittens who decided to get a little nosy and get into moms work basket. I have had to keep my stuff locked up in a bin lately now when I am not around or working on my crocheting because they seem to think it is a playground for them .

I have caught them three times now since in my stuff when I am not looking or go to do something else . I just dont know what to do with these bad little guys they seem to think everything is for them to play with and will try to steal anything they can get there paws on too.

I was using my tiny scissors the other day and thought I had misplaced them or fell into side of couch only to later on hear a sound in kitchen and what do I find but my kittens dragging my scissors around on floor. I should have known better putting my yarn needle and some safety pins on handle because my little kittens are like raccoons they are drawn to shiny objects. I have to be very careful even while I am sleeping as I have been awakened in the middle of the night by my one kitten trying to steal off in the night with my necklace while it is around my neck.

I have been also awakened by them trying to remove my earrings while I slept. I told my hubby that they have got to be part raccoon . They steal stuff ll the time from the kids as well .I am on a constant hunt for things that mysteriously just come up missing all the time. I just have to laugh and search the whole house for stuff and tell the kids to watch where they leave stuff or it will disappear.

I almost feel like we have a baby in the house again the way we have to hide stuff and make sure nothing is left out. We just constantly have a treasure hunt around here though kind of makes life more interesting .

I guess that is what I get for not paying more attention to them cause while your hunting for what they have stolen they are following you around at your feet almost tripping you with every step and if your not careful enough they will end up stealing something else as your back is turned.


  1. Lol, your kitties are so bad!

    As for the pictures, I think you need to crop them and then they will work better for you. Do you have a program to edit pics? Or Infranview? Those work good :) Even plain old paint can crop them!

  2. thank you for helping me fix my pics now they better


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