Sunday, October 25, 2009

My secret project continued

Hello friends. Thank you for stopping and taking the time .

I have had a few things going on recently and need to tell you my secret project has been revamped. I had a few problems with the first one so I decided to rip it all out and re start it. It all started when my naughty kittens got into stuff and trashed my cream color yarn. I thought I would just continue with the project as planned but then i ran into some serious deformities as I went along and it was beginning to go crooked .

I decided to tear it apart and start all over with a completely different style and I must say I am glad I did . I feel so much happier with this attempt than I did with the last . I am sad that it started out so nice and went so horribly wrong but I guess it was for the best.

I decided that after the first attempt I liked the colors and have also added a few more to the project . I wanted to have a pretty girl blanket with some fun accessories added for baby to be kept busy .

I came accross a pattern for some really cute crochet flowers and butterflies so i have made a few in cute variegated colors to add to the blanket. I have made sure that they are secure so as not to come off while baby is playing with them.

I am extremely happy with the design I have come up with even if it isn't perfect I am making this up as I go so it is ok. I will continue on and add more pictures too as I get more done and also a final picture when it is completely finished.

I am waiting patiently also to hear when the baby comes because I would LOVE to get a picture later of the baby with her new blanket and also her hankie bonnet I have made. I may even be able to include her baby bundle I made for the baby shower and show them all in one picture.

Well now that I have given an update as to what is new I will also post a new picture shortly for the new and improved WIP.

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