Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is how my project looks today. I seem to have run into a problem with the remainder of my cream for this however due to the fact that my naughty fur babies have decided to climb into my bag and work basket and shredded the remainder I needed to finish the strip. I have a backup plan however that I hope will turn out just fine. NAUGHTY KITTENS will get no mittens now!! ha ha

Well at least they didn't ruin the blanket, only a ball of yarn. I quickly scolded them when I found what they had done then came up with another way to finish the project. I had a couple of ideas to begin with in my head so after this little mishap i was glad . I am already in the process of fixing now and have also gone ahead a little bit and currently have some other fun ideas that go on this that I will be adding as I go.

I scoured the internet for some cute little ideas and ran them across my cousin and she loved the idea . I am so excited to see how this whole thing turns out I just want to SMILE because it makes me all warm inside thinking about how this small gift when done is going to make someone else happy. I will be showing you all a picture soon too of my naughty little fur babies who have made this little bump in the road for me. I will continue on though as I had planned from the beginning just kind of winging this anyways because I am making this all up as I go anyways .

I am happy that some of my followers have enjoyed my new post and idea and Thank You for your wonderful comments so far. I have not been feeling myself for a while now and I have had a few days now where I have actually felt a little better so this is why I have decided to make the best of my GOOD DAYS. I am going to push on and hopefully this project may help me feel better as well. ALL RIGHTY NOW........ I must be getting back to my WIP so that I may have something to show you tomorrow and so on til it is finished.


  1. Coming along very nicely, in spite of the "help" from your kitties.

  2. Oh those naughty babes! You're so creative, it will be fun to see what you think up!

  3. Stopping by from Mom's of Teens Network to say hello! Beautiful work, wish I could do that!


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