Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It only took him 3 years

YAY!! I have been walking on a wood floor now for the last 3 years in my kitchen. It was awful to try and keep swept and couldnt get it clean because it was walked on and stuff was spilled on it due to us not ever getting any tile or linoleum put down after replacing floor. I kept telling myself my hubby will do it someday. I was beginning to think it would NEVER get done and just gave up.

Well to my surprise a few weeks ago my hubby had an idea of putting in ceramic tile with floating wood floor in center of kitchen. I once again thought okay this will take forever in a day to get done . I have been in the process of packing things away in hopes of moving in the springtime to a new place so my house was in disarray any ways. I got up one morning after my hubby had gathered up all this tile that had been given to us and he says Honey can you clean out all this stuff from kitchen and I will start laying tile? So I spent a few days cleaning out and emptying my whole kitchen into my small living room.

I was skeptical once again at how quickly this would get done once again because I have a Loving hubby who works all day long but when he has a good idea to do stuff it just somehow never seems to get done and if it does I am left to clean up after him. He tries to do lots of things but just like children often do I am usually left with a big old mess to clean up when he is through doing his GOOD DEED.

So anyways I went about cleaning and reading out as much stuff as I could and crammed stuff in every room possible over the last few weeks basically hiding as much of my accumulated stuff as I could anywhere I found space ha ha. It took everything I had to get this part done . I kept shuffling stuff around now for the last 3 weeks since he started the first tile laying down. I thought ok he has half of this done and it is going to be like this forever now!!

Well I waited and kept cleaning as much as i could every chance I got so he didnt have to say I cant finish with all this stuff laying around piled up here. It took a while but today of all days he came home from work early and said Honey I am Gonna finish this floor tonight. I once again removed everything from my kitchen and swept with broom and dustpan so tediously then went over it again with sweeper to remove all dirt and things.

Now for something that has taken so long to get finished let me tell you he started the second half of kitchen today and not only did he get all of the tile laid and grouted in with the floating wooden floor in center but........ he has also gotten in sealed with the tile sealant and is basically done !!!! I have waited and killed myself for weeks now trying to get him to get this floor done and he has not done it but in one day has completely finished the whole complete kitchen floor and sealed it!!!!

What took him about 3 years to do should have been 3 days worth of work if he had just gone and done it!!!! I think it took 3 years of my energy to do all the before cleaning and after cleaning but IT IS DONE, and I AM LOVING IT!!

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  1. LMAO! I'm so glad that he FINALLY finished the floor! The part that was done a few weeks ago when I was over looked great but I did wonder, like you, if it would ever get done :) Can't wait to see it!


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