Monday, August 24, 2009

Exciting news

I apologize for being so bad at this blogging thing. I get so caught up in other things i seem to neglect writing stuff on here. I have had a lot of stuff going on lately as well and tend to neglect some things for a while. I have been trying to help my son reconnect with his other brothers and sister . This I will tell you has been a real pleasure for him actually. My oldest son comes from a very broad family due to his biological father and it has been a long road all these years for him not being able to see or talk to his 4 other brothers and a sister . I decided long time ago no matter how i feel about lifes decisions that other people have made I will not keep my son from knowing that he did have other family out there. I am also excited to be able to share in there lives as well . I recently found out that my sons oldest sister lives in our town so we took him down for a visit and they welcomed him in and even asked him to stay the night. I am happy that they were so friendly and he is so excited to see his baby niece finally who turned 1 last week.

Yesterday we got a phone call from our youngest son saying that he met Jesse James at our local fair and he asked him to help unload his motorcycle and some equipment so he said SURE!! After they were finished Jesse gave him a bunch of autographed stuff including a cell phone for his help and my 15 year old son was in his glory he called us all excited and told us all aboout it.

Today some friends of ours went to take their boys 8 and 10 to see Jesse James at our local Walmart and he actually signed their motorcycle. I was so envious because we had so much work to do that we didn't go up and meet him. I wish we had seen him too in person my friend says he is really quiet and soft spoken in real life also very polite. She said they waited in line for quite some time before seeing him and then just as it was their turn he needed to take a 10 minute break to get something to eat so when he came back he was so greatful they waited so patiently while some other people were rude that he gave each of he kids an autograph as well on their t-shirts , and each of them got a Jesse James bandana as well.

It has been such a beautiful week in our town so hot and finally summertime feeling. I have been doing few odd and end things this week . I recently made 2 slate plaques for a friend of ours. The friends 2 young boys 6 and 9 each have a pig to show in our local fair so I painted them each a hanging with their name and their pigs name on it and painted them each a pig on it.

The looks on their faces when i delivered them was just absolutely priceless too. The oldest boy said to me WOW this is so nice I can give you a dollar for making it and I was speechless and just said OH honey NO thank you i dont want anything for making it I am just happy you like them so much. Our friends were shocked at what I had painted on them they Loved them and said was much more than they expected. All they asked for was a plaque with boys names on it and the name of their pigs. I just keep hoping they will get a ribbon or something for their pigs and if not at least they have a really nice plaque to remember their pigs because i dated them and everything.

I still have to get some pictures on here from our redneck festival too. I talked to my friend and she gonna get them to me so you can see all the fun we had. I really had a good time playing the games with her and all the other people that day.

I entered into some giveaways today and yesterday that were really good now I hope to maybe win something from one . I have been trying to keep up with my survey stuff and email , along with everything else and it never fails I always seem to get side tracked with something else. (SIGH) Well I think this is a pretty good post for today and I am going to try and keep something on here like I promised my cousin. I really have to thank her for helping me with all this blogging stuff she helps me with all this stuff when I have no clue what I am doing . I don't know what I would be doing if it was not for her help.

I would just like to say I welcome any comments on my stuff and feel free to stop by anytime to see what I have on my blog or any suggestions let me know Thank You and have a great time blogging.

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  1. Wow! You didn't tell me about Jesse James! that''s pretty cool! Was he doing some kind of show at the fair or something?

    I would've loved to see pics of your pig slates! I bet they were adorable!

    You're doing great with your posts! Just keep doing it and you will get better and better!

    Etta :)


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