Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello friends. I am sorry i have been missing in action for some time now but I have had so much going on it is just awful. This is only February and so far this year I have had to take my poor kitty snuggles to the vet because he escaped and got outside. I finally got him to come back in house and when he did I found he had somehow mysteriously gotten a gash under his chin and was not eating or drinking properly. I realized I had to get him to the vet at that point after a few days because he had gotten his chin infected by now and was getting sick.

I took him in for his checkup only to find out he had gone from a 10 pound cat to less than 7 pounds and his chin was severely infected and abcessed. They got him all checked out and gave him antibiotics for his chin and all his other regular visit things up to date. I paid the bill of 275.00. I had to have him back again in a week so i took him back for a recheck where he was checked for his infected wound and weighed again and this time he once again had lost some weight.

I was once again told to come back in a week again to revisit and check to make sure everything is going ok so I did and i paid the bill of 33.00. I brought him back today again as scheduled and thought everything was going good he has started eating again and was beginning to purr slightly and seemed like he was getting better.

I got him to the vet this morning and the vet said she was still concerned because he still had a lump on his cheek and when touched it visibly would show blood in his mouth from somewhere and his weight was a little better he weighed in at 7.06. Then the vet came back from his exam and asked if we could bring him back at the end of the week because she was still concerned about lump. I said ok. I once again paid the bill of 39.80 and was given antibiotics again for him.

Now as I am about to leave the tech hands me a estimate and all the tests they need to do for his friday exam and his stay for the x-rays, blah blah blah and It is 345.00!!!! SIGH ARGHHH
So I ask if they have a payment plan, yes Ill give you paperwork to fill out and we will call it in so I say no problem. I get it filled out and they come back with I DONT QUALIFY!!! NICE!!!!

So the lady says "What do you want to do?" Well what do ya think im gonna do my cat is very ill so I make the appointment and take paperwork with estimate of another 345.00 for more tests on my cat for friday. I mean really how can I not have my little cat taken to vet when he is so sick and just let him suffer . I am upset that he got let outside but I cant just say well im not gonna pay that kind of money for an animal.

I am so afraid now that after all this I am going to get some bad news and then I will be just devastated if after all i have tried to do there is no fixing his problem because I have done the right thing . I know some people wouldnt do what I am doing for an animal anyways and believe me I really dont have the means or money to either but I just cant help but feel it is my responsibility to take care of him properly .

I have taken in all of my pets because they were unwanted and abandoned and I really want to be a good person and do right by them when no one else would. I feel like they are very valuable and just like a human being need to be taken care of even if it cost me . They do not ask for anything and give so much back in return for just loving them that it is impossible for me to just ignore the fact that he is hurting and needs medical help.

I welcome any and all comments on my long post about this ordeal and would like to thank my followers for being so kind.


  1. Oh hun, I'm so sorry Snuggles is still not feeling like himself!! I can't believe that you don't qualify for the payment plan! You are a regular and you would think that they would know you can make the payments. Poor Snuggles :( I know when Ginger had to have a $500.00 vet stay from that cut on her tail we almost said forget it, but I know what you mean, how can you just let them suffer? I hope that they don't find anything seriously wrong, I'll be thinking of you both and praying for Snuggles recovery!

  2. I have a little bit of good news to brighten your day, Amanda. You won an Anthropology jewelry box over at my blog, Yoga Gal!

    Send me your address and I will get it out to you, ASAP! Congratulations and thank you for following, :D


  3. Hey Amanda, thanks for the comment! If you sent your address through the Blogger PM system, I did not get it- I have had a lot of problems with it. Can you email your contact info to:

    And I will mail out the jewelry box ASAP!

    :D Katie


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