Thursday, September 24, 2009

PAY IT forward

OK Today i was looking through some of my blog friends and I found this wonderful thing called pay it forward. I came across this in .The original credit was given to and that is where proverbs 31 got the idea from as well.

I have decided to do the same thing and would like to send out a HOMEMADE ITEM TO THE FIRST 5 people who leave me a comment. The only RULE is that you must comment with link to your post on myspace,facebook, etc. where ever you are posting.I hope to get 5 responses and wish all the best in paying it forward because this is a very good idea .

I will tell you that I am a very talented and crafty person with lots of ideas so you may be surprised at what you will recieve from me when it comes. I cannot give exact time frame as to when gifts will arrive but I will get them there in a reasonable time due to talent and homemade stuff takes time due to nature of items being made for YOU and only YOU.

I also in return would love to hear back from those who get a gift from me just to know your reaction as well.I appreciate everyone who tries this out and GOOD LUCK to all.

I also hope you check out other sites i have mentioned earlier so that credit may be given to where it goes.


  1. Don't count me, I'm just stopping by to give you some bloggy love! Pick up your award here:

    Love this idea though and might do it in the future!

  2. Don't enter me, either, just dropping by to tell you I found a win for you in my reader.

    YAY! for you! Didn't know if you knew yet or not, but Congrats! anyway!


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